Budapest Hostels

Baroque Hostel
The baroque hostel in Budapest can perhaps be described as one of the best kept secrets in Budapest. The hostel is low key and yet this is the surprising part because the interior of this hostel is pretty amazing considering we are talking about a budget hotel.

The Groove Hostel
Also, the rooms are not exactly small either as they boast about their ceilings being 4.3m high, which is pretty impressive and it just makes you feel that the place is absolutely vast.

Franky’s Hostel
Here, you get free Wi-Fi as well as tea and coffee, which is certainly different to a number of other places where you have to pay for the tea and coffee. Also, you will have access to your own private locker and the linen for the bed is thrown in free of charge as well and with the place being spotless there is no need to worry about this part either.

Grand Hostel Buda
Also, there is the option of renting a bicycle from the staff and since they know the local area so well it does mean that they can offer you advice on what to do next and also where to go. The staff are really knowledgeable with Budapest in general, so you can take full advantage of what they know and make sure that you have a stunning stay.

Hostel Budapest Center
The hostel can accommodate a maximum of 35-38 people. So don’t expect too much of a crowd. It’s the ideal place for travelers who have a few days to explore Budapest and wouldn’t like to use too much public transport. The hostel is also not a party hostel. Therefore, it’s not recommended for those who wish to use it only for partying.